Friday, 23 August 2013

The Dead 2: India (2013)

If you saw The Dead three years ago and enjoyed it, you’ll love this, if you saw The Dead and were disappointed you’ll at the very least like this. The Dead 2: India picks up where The Dead left off but in a different country and a whole new cast.

The story follows Nicholas (Joseph Millsom) who works as a wind turbine engineer currently posted in India. As the zombie outbreak begins, (caused by a man with a bite travelling in from Africa) he is miles from the woman he loves, Nicholas must travel across country to get to her.

The build up is pretty good, but there are issues that simply do not ring true, its simply one of those mistakes you make as a writer/director that you can’t escape, your too close to the project. There is no reason why Nicholas would take long pauses, rushes of clarity while zombies are feet from him trying to eat him, no explanation why he seems so calm watching a farmer brutally killed just meters from where he stands as the movie starts. But petty differences aside, this is a much more competent tale than The Ford Brothers original adventure, it’s well paced, beautifully shot and nicely told.

While Millsom is a great performer playing slightly against character as a rugged gung-ho American (You’re a long way from Holby City Toto), it’s the young Anand Gopal who plays Javed who will win the hearts of the audience, Javed is the young travelling companion who joins Nicholas on his epic journey across hundreds of miles, fighting thousands of zombies, while still managing to keep his childhood innocence in tact.

The effects are excellent, from the constant barrage of exploding heads, to a rather nifty helicopter and jet plane assault. While a large amount of post clearly takes place, it’s a stylish respectful and impressive delivery.

The Dead: India proves that The Ford Brothers are not just one trick ponies, they are incredibly talented, and visionary directors, who ultimately will reap the sacrifices they made in order to fund the film. As the movie came to a close as the opening film at the 2013 Frightfest, they jumped to the stage with the cast to explain about dung attacks, and even a stoning with a dog. The harsh realities and dangers they faced on alien shores making these movies clearly not effecting them, even when they have a large dog drop-kicked into their faces. 

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