Saturday, 31 August 2013

Frightfest 2013: No One Lives

We have all been there, it’s a film you know you have to see but something about it really does not float your boat. When I saw the connection between No One Lives and WWE, this weakened my inclination to watch it. But as is often the case, it’s the movies you want to see that you like the most.

The unnamed character of the movie credited with the name Driver (Luke Evans) is a caring and considerate partner, despite his consideration, there is something about him that is just not quite right. When moving to a new location he and his partner stop off for dinner, in doing so they come face to face with a group of violent thugs. After an altercation, Driver is alone, his partner who he loved deeply sacrificing her life in order to provoke a response. Now Driver has a new hand to play, he will not be the victim, but it’s not all about the revenge, there is something far more sinister buried in his past that is about to come to the present. 

No One Lives is a real rollercoaster ride, it’s not slow paced at any point, it starts and puts you on the run, and continues through it’s duration.  It’s far from original in its story, but its delivery is something else. From scenes involving skin suits, to a rather nifty series of attacks on the perpetrators of the original attack. 

For director Ryuhei Kitamura it’s a million miles away from Midnight Meat Train, but equally as compelling. Some nice twists and turns, and fantastically well-paced action shots keep you like the characters on the run. As the movie progressed I was reminded an awful lot of the Christopher Lambert 90’s movie Roadflower. While at the same time you can also compare it to last years instant cult hit The Aggression Scale.

No One Lives is a great ride, how it plays out on multiple viewings I could not tell you, but for a one off trip, it’s pretty catchy stuff, and a bloody good combination of laughs and action.

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