Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Conjuring (2013)

The Warrens were established and highly respected paranormal investigators during the 1960’s and 70’s. It is said that in more recent years the couple had revealed varying aspects of tales they had chosen to keep under wraps, whether you choose to believe this is of course down to you.

When Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger  (Ron Livingston) Perron by the home of their dreams, at a price they can afford they feel like they have all their very prayers answered. For the couple who have four daughters, money has always been tight, to land this dream takes incredibly pressure away from them. But their dreams are short lived, the very night that they move in the family dog manages to strangle itself, and it’s here that their joy turns to horror. The Perron’s have moved into a home cursed by not one but several vengeful entities, set in a location filled with atrocious horror stories through the passage of time. In an attempt to rid themselves of this circling horror they call upon Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren, but these paranormal experts quickly find themselves out of their depth and into the most horrific case of their careers.

The Conjuring is a masterpiece, it’s a how to manual on creating the ultimate horror story, it has essences of the greats (Poltergeist, The Exorcist) but some new spins too, it’s horror starts the minutes the credits start to roll and ends the moment the closing credits start to appear. Through the films 112-minute journey you experience every range of emotion possible, on one perfectly framed, beautifully shot movie.

You can argue the toss about movies and their astronomical budgets, and at $13 Million Dollars this is no lo-budget offering, but you can clearly see where every single penny has been spent. Whether it’s gathering together period vehicles, creating epic landscapes, or investing in fashions of the day, while we are on this subject Farmiga’s wardrobe is incredible.

Director James Wan really puts his cast through the ringer, in this film, you can imagine them really being haunted by the project, as it’s subject matter rarely slips away from anything other than dark.

Lili Taylor who had her real primetime during the 80’s has never been far from the big screen, but if anyone could say a movie is the return of someone’s career, then its Taylor in The Conjuring. Despite not taking the lead, this is so much Taylor’s movie, it’s something so far out there, so demanding that she is sure to win awards for her performance.

The Conjuring is a real edge of your seat horror tale, it’s a movie that Hollywood has been trying to make for years, it ups the game for any pretender to the crown, it’s a thing of beauty, and a thing of extreme horror.

The Conjuring is released in UK cinemas on August 4th


  1. Good review Spencer. It's not all that scary, but it sure as hell is a fun time to just sit back, and let the thrills and chills take you away.

  2. An overlong, underwhelming pic;this year's MAMA was more inventive, despite its over-reliance on jump cuts and sudden noises.
    Also, more people should know IT'S=IT IS/HAS; the genitive of IT has NO apostrophe and is the most misspelt word in the language.

    1. I think you need to take time into account, when I saw it nobody else had. By the time you saw it you had to contend with the hype.

      I think the issue with it's/its lies with Microsoft, if it corrects it you assume its fine to go with it.

      As for grammar I personally have considerably better things to do with my time ;o)