Sunday, 28 July 2013

Death Walks Just Keeps On Walking

It seems like a long time ago, but it is just 9 weeks ago that I announced I was making a horror movie. That movie transformed into Death Walks, a zombie film with a really big difference.

The original plan, being as it was a zero budget project was to try and shoot the movie over the course of just one night, I did not want to exploit peoples time. Of course there was a real slim chance if that, and in my heat I knew it, however I figured if I got the crucial scenes out of the way it would be easy to pick up the pieces on another day if necessary. Thankfully it seems I was not the only one with passion for Death Walks, everyone involved felt the same, they all wanted to come back for more.

So Death Walks now moves from becoming a zero budget movie that simply tried to tell a capable story, in a limited timeframe to become more about the quality. And the change is benefitting the film well.

Last week Death Walks was the highest ranking British horror movie in production, and the 12th highest ranking in global production, trouncing on movies with budgets of up to £15Million.

The plan now is to create 3 mini-shoots and one more all night shoot to get the movie completed. Since that first night, we have had offers to buy, offers to invest, and considerable press interest.

Let's see if we can keep this momentum.

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