Sunday, 2 June 2013

Who Will Be Who? Is The New Doctor Already In Place

So Matt Smith has finally come clean and quit Doctor Who after months of speculation. And now it's time for the usual diatribe about who will play Who.Last time we were in this position a hundred names were bounded about, and Matt Smith a guy who few had ever heard of was revealed as the victor. The result was a shock to all.

This time however it seems that paths have already been laid for a successor. It has been allured to that John Hurt will star as The Doctor, and presumably will play the Doctor through his wilderness years, the time of the Great War. But what if John Hurt is to become the next Doctor?

It has been some considerable time since we have had an old Doctor at the helm of the Tardis, certainly the best part of forty years since someone of Hurt's senior age filled the role. It would not seem likely, given Hurt's age, but it is no secret that Hurt's working calendar has been cleared for the next few months at least.

On the subject of calendar clearing, lets look at the other possible option. For the fiftieth anniversary episode David Tennant is making a return, he too has cleared his calendar. Could it be that whatever allows Tennant, Hurt, and Smith's timelines to cross allows him to stay?

It's obvious that Tennant's door has not been ringing the way he expected after Who. Fright Night flopped, Broadchurch was a hit but not to the level of Who. Other projects Tennant was involved in were either axed no sooner had they started, or flopped.

The only thing we can do is wait now however, but I suspect this time the big announcement will be a long time coming, even as long as the Christmas episode where our new Doctor could be revealed to a completely surprised audience.

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