Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This Is The End - 2013

This Is The End is a new comedy drama set during the end of days of life, as we know it. When Jay Baruchel goes to visit his best friend Seth Rogen (actors playing themselves), he finds the celebrity lifestyle a little bit trying, but worse still he disapproves of his relationships with Jonah Hill and James Franco. Escaping for cigarettes from a celebrity filled party that includes Rihanna and Michael Cera; Jay and Seth experience a shocking series of events, which include meteorite storms, earthquakes and alien abduction. Returning to the party they break the news to an unknowing group of partygoers, who bail out double quick. Trapped in a house Jay, Seth, James, Jonah and Craig Robinson decide to wait for it all to calm down, in doing so encountering a series of celebrity guests including Emma Watson. 

It takes a few short minutes for it all to kick off in This Is The End, the budget of all the movie seems thrust in a ten minute end of the world series of stunts that features the deaths of some of the biggest movie and music stars in the world. For many it’s worth the price of the ticket just for this moment. Well that and the sing off between Craig Robinson and Rihanna, and Michael Cera’s extreme sexual issues.

The trouble being once the dust has settled, your left with between 5-7 (depending on the point in the film) characters discussing everything from masturbation to demonic possession. It all gets a little bit depressing, that is until the ending swoops up to redeem the movie.

This Is The End is essentially a way of reuniting all the cast of Pineapple Express while not covering the same ground, but referencing it every few minutes. If you enjoyed Pineapple Express then you’ll love the film, if you found it just middling to average however, you’ll be equally as disappointed here.

I wont lie there are some very funny moments in the movie, especially towards the end with some humour revolving both around Channing Tatum, and an ageing very different Backstreet Boys, but on the whole it’s the sort of thing you can do without. Easily 25 minutes longer than it should be, and with much padding thrown in it really feels like they have been given a required running time, regardless of how they fill it. 

Some good deaths, random in jokes, and great special effects support what otherwise would be a pointless 107 minutes. Give it your time by all means, but don’t expect to be blown away.

This Is The End is in cinemas June 28th. 


  1. Agree on most points, except the ending swooping in to redeem things, the movie had long since lost me as Danny Mcbride's redneck impression eats my brain like acid (It's odd)

    1. I can certainly understand that. I think it was the Channing Tatum bit that did it for me!

  2. Fine for all of the laughs it has, but if I was somebody who didn’t like these guys, then I probably would be a tad bit bored. Good review Spencer.

    1. I laughed at bit, but snored a bit at much to be honest. A nice start, and reasonable end!