Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Iceman (2012)

If you are a fan of Goodfellas let me say two words that will be right up your street… The Iceman.  The story focuses on Richard Kulinski (Michael Shannon) a man with cold emotions, but a heart of gold. The story covers a period of over twenty years, beginning with Kulinski’s first date with Deborah (Winona Ryder), following through their early days of marriage and onto their children becoming young adults. As far-fetched as the story might get at time there is one aspect that is horrifyingly clear, everything that happens in the movie happened in real life. 

The strength of a movie often comes down to something very simple, in this case it’s the chemistry that exists between actors Shannon and Ryder, they are married in the story, and they feel that close that they could be married in real life. There is a certain deja vu feel about the movie in many ways. The story is a formula very similar to the aforementioned Goodfellas (and almost to solidify that point Ray Liotta stars). Ryder seems to be creating a montage of her characters from Great Balls Of Fire, and Mermaids, while harnessing the strength of Lorraine Bracco’s character from Goodfellas.

The Iceman is a fairly aggressive movie, things get brutal fairly quickly, in fact no sooner have the credits hit the screen than Kulinski is taking out his first victim. This is the story of probably the most successful hired killer in American history, so as you can imagine someone with such an accolade to live up to, must commit a large quantity of killings. 

The first rather surprising thing we find in the movie is the addition of one David Schwimmer. It’s a little difficult to see Schwimmer as anything other than Ross Geller, so the transition to moustache wearing, pigtail-growing gangster is a little difficult to take seriously at first. Schwimmer soon shakes off that reputation, as he too takes some fairly brutal action at any given time.

Along the journey we pick up with a plethora of acting talent that includes Robert Davi, Chris Evans, James Franco, and Stephen Dorff, it does feel an awful lot like you never quite know who you are going to see next.

The Iceman is a phenomenal movie; it has a likeable cast, a fast paced and intriguing story, a lot of humour, and a real feeling of love in among all the madness. 

The Iceman is in UK cinemas from this Friday. 

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