Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Bling Ring (2013)

There is something awfully exciting about the discovery that a new Sofia Coppola picture is waiting just round the corner. Lost In Translation and Somewhere often feature in many people’s favourite lists, Coppola just has a really good habit of getting hold of interesting projects. Her latest movie The Bling Ring is equally as exciting a prospect.

The Bling Ring is a reenactment of the celebrity burglary teen criminal group, who spent their after school hours locating the homes of the rich and famous and robbing them while they are out.  Headed up by Rebecca (Katie Chang) she heads up the small group, which includes performances from Emma Watson, Israel Broussard, and Clare Julien. No target is out of grasp; Paris Hilton is high on the list of targets, and one of the few celebrities who were burgled more than once. 

It’s a curious affair as a movie, it seems a third spoof, a third experimental in its cinematography, and the final third seems factual, it’s a little difficult to see where the divides are. Furthermore it’s also a little difficult to quite understand where you feel about it. At a preview screening some weeks ago, fellow reviewers also stated that they felt like they needed to see it again, almost immediately. This is not a unique feeling when watching one of Sofia Coppola’s movies, usually however you normally want to come back because you have become so submerged in the story you really do not want to leave this world she has created, not because you don’t know how you feel about it.

Coppola places a big stab against the way the general public to some degree almost idolize the criminals in certain cases, here some of the people related to this burglary syndicate. In this case the members of the bling ring almost become as popular as the people they burgled, some resting on a reality tv career as a result of their actions. 

Coppola used an interesting array of cameras to film the movie, including a very standard DSLR and all the more credit to her for doing so. It’s clearly a way to show the audience just how powerful digital media is when it comes to making movies, as if of course there was any doubt.

It’s interesting that considering she is a lessor member of the team Emma Watson (who plays Nicki) seems to get the largest amount of promotional publicity, it’s in fact very difficult to find a picture from The Bling Ring that does not feature the actress, which you almost feel is a little misleading.

Regardless on how you feel about the whole cult of the “celebrity”, crime, and the performers in the movie there is no doubt that that Coppola has again made an interesting subject matter. Sadly it does not have the power of either Somewhere or Lost In Translation, it does however still score highly.

The Bling Ring is in UK cinemas from 5th of July. 

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