Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Death Walks... Oh Yes It Does

One week from today Death Walks... begins it's first readings with the full cast. And it's the first time that this dream of mine will really feel like a reality, the script i've written that is probably crap will get read by the first time, shared with a group of people that might very well hate it.

Death Walks... Is a psychological horror, it's set in an East London shopping centre (Romford to be precise) and begins with the slow close down of the centre for the night. A series of strange sightings, noises, and an unexpected arrival pave the way for a horror that none of those left in the centre expected. As people disappear, others are found slain, a group of unexpected individuals arrive in the centre, are they zombies? Or are they something far more terrifying?

The goal with Death Walks is to take the zombie movie and to spin it on it's head, we want to warp your perceptions, give you a very different zombie, and rattle the cages of those that will frown on such a film.

Today Death Walks... received it's first press and it was an exciting moment. Tomorrow i'm participating in my first interview, with two more to follow next week.

The real value of Death Walks... is it's support, so far we have a cast and crew in excess of 250, all of whom are giving their valuable time because they believe in the power of independent film. Hopefully for each and every one of those people their faith is repaid in an independent film that breaks free of the usual chains.

Keep an eye on our page for more developments as they occur.

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