Thursday, 23 May 2013

What On Earth Happened To Marc Price And Colin?

Let me take you back a few years, to 2008 to be precise. Marc Price made the movie Colin, reportedly for £40. The movie attempted (apparently) to show a zombie with a personality. I went on to stay that I felt Colin was the biggest piece of shit I'd ever seen. Yet I seemed to fight against the flow, the press named Price as a genius, the movie scored a whopping 8.something points on IMDB, it sold out at  Frightfest, and as a result had an additional screening. Within of the DVD release people were talking about Price's future project, a zombie style war movie. The horror channel asked him to be one of their Director's to pick movies for a themed night, more than once. But in 2013, where is Marc Price, and what happened to his career?

The first reality check struck when Colin's IMDB score dropped sharply. Then people started accessing his £40 reported budget, then finally some reviewers started to come forward to say that Colin was shit! Ironically some of the same reviewers who praised Colin five years ago, were going back on the record to say the film was pretty awful. Then of course Price himself just kind of disappeared.

The zombie movie never surfaced, although a zombie project surfaced kind of. Woods Of Terror emerged, in a sense but seems to have been relegated to obscurity, probably never even released, there is no IMDB score, Price worked as a producer on the project. Magpie is Price's first directing project since Colin, few have seen Magpie and it seems likely of the 29 votes that score Magpie a 4.5, that 19 voters scored it an 8 or 9. Reality check please! Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt directed Before Dawn in 2012, the movie was loved and hated in equal numbers, Price produced the project. Now Screaming Guns (Marc Price Executive Producer) is in post production.

I'm not criticising Price as such, but it does strangely show the decline of a hero of film, rather dramatically. Colin has disappeared into obscurity, the DVD being essentially given away on Ebay and Amazon, the memory of high Colin's acclaim five years earlier completely forgotten.

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