Saturday, 18 May 2013

Want To Be A Zombie? An Enormous Zombie Project Is About To Take Place In Essex

The concept might not be new but the delivery will be. Pre-production is underway for an extensive zombie project to be filmed this July in Essex.

A zombie army will take residence in a large shopping centre, in an exciting new project. The idea of zombies in a shopping centre might not be new, but these zombies will be much transformed from hundreds of other movies.

The project currently using the working title Mall Of The Dead will take the image of the zombie along yet another notch. Since Romero's zombies there has been little transformation, it was not until 28 Days Later that the zombie got a radical remodelling, the slow moving zombies converted to incredibly scary fast moving ones. But now they are about to change again...

If you are interested in taking part in the project it takes place on the evening of 15th July, you can participate by clicking this link.

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