Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is The Giallo Making A Return?

During the 1970's and 80's the Giallo genre was a popular category. The term Giallo comes from Italy as did most of the Giallo movies, the genre essentially a form of slick, sexy, and bloody whodunnit generated at least 500 Italian based movies. The term originated with thriller novels of the 20's and 30's which included author Agatha Christie, each book was presented with a yellow background, yellow translated into Italian is Giallo.

During their time of popularity movies such as Deep Red, Short Night Of The Dolls, Who Saw Her Die, and Blood And Black Lace. While Mario Bava defined the art, Dario Argento was by far the best known director to tackle the genre. So popular was the genre that the UK attempted their own style with movies that included Fragment Of Fear, and in the US Malice was the best example of a Giallo.

By the 90's however and the genre had ran out of steam, or originality. Argento's Non Ho Sonno (AKA Sleepless) was one of the last Giallo movies made for sometime. This was of course until Argento returned five years ago with his movie affectionately titled Giallo. Since then a few years back Amer inspired a new audience with its almost completely dialogue free feature.

In 2012 Berbarian Sound Studio looked at the Giallo movie from the angle of a sound editor. Also the same year director Federico Zampaglione delivered a very tongue in cheek offering called Tulpa, while Paura 3D also turned up, although a little more torture porn than Giallo.

This year however The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears is on the horizon by the creators of Amer, and The Editors is about to begin filming, the later being similar in style to Berbarian Sound Studio.

There definitely is the place for Giallo, if you get the formula right. If you are unfamiliar with the genre, then educate yourself below.

The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh

Deep Red

Don't Torture A Duckling

Black Belly Of The Tarantula



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