Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is Banshee the darkest show on TV?

Its almost sneaked out on carpet slippers in the UK, relegated to a 10.30 PM slot on Sky Atlantic, it's time-slot should not however be an indication of its quality. Game Of Thrones has become known as the shocker in the TV world of recent years, but Banshee is sneaking on up on it.

The story circles around an ex-con played by Antony Star who heads to the small town of Banshee to catch up with his old flame, who now lives her life with a new identity. Our hero finds himself in strange territory however when a bar-fight gets out of control leaving three bodies, one of whom is new sheriff Lucas Hood, who has his identity stolen by our con, who uses the sheriff's identity to stay in town.

Banshee is a town with a strange cultural mix, local thugs, the Amish community, gangsters and the normal every day soul. Walking the line between all is Kai Proctor a self appointed town leader who has all quaking in his wake.

The opening episode of Banshee played out like a movie in its own right, epic stunts, explosions, a gripping downtown collision, but the action was just the tip of the iceberg. Each episode exposes new secrets, new horrors, and a splattering of hot sex. Banshee may not be new, but it's pretty shocking, especially when the most dangerous people come from the most unexpected angles.

Peddles out as "From Alan Ball the creator of True Blood", Banshee finds itself in difficult territory, True Blood lovers will hate it, True Blood haters will figure the journey to be the same and not both. Make no mistakes, Banshee aint no True Blood. Pull out the supernatural nastiness, and put in some very real world scares. As a comparison piece think of Patrick Swayze's Roadhouse combined with The Soprano's and Breaking Bad.

Banshee is probably the most convincing spawning mystery to hit screens since Lost, but unlike Lost, the answers come round sooner rather than later. On route people will be dismembered, ripped apart by dogs, and lovers will become enemies, while the baddest man on TV runs riot in Banshee an even bigger one lurks on the horizon, in Banshee everyone is expendable.

Catch Banshee on Sky Atlantic on Monday's after Game Of Thrones!

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