Saturday, 18 May 2013

Doctor Who: How Many Doctor's Can You Get In An Episode?

Here in the UK we are just three short hours from the series finale of Doctor Who. While fans of the show have been divided this episode is sure to be a fans dream. Push aside the story title, The Name Of The Doctor, and you have something fans have been asking for ever since the 50th anniversary conversations began.

Tonight fans will see more than one Doctor, but the delivery of the various Doctor's will be brief. We will also get to discover the mystery surrounding the Doctor's latest assistant Clara.

Many already know tonights secrets ahead of the airing, as BBC America stupidly sent out the latest series box-sets before release date, meaning a whole week before the premier the mysteries of many years come to a close. In an attempt to keep the mysteries quiet the BBC said that they will surprise audiences with an appearance by both Smith's Doctor, and his predecessor David Tenant. The reality however is that you can pretty much guarantee that Tennant's Doctor was already going to appear, as the story leads into the 50th anniversary special. We may also get to meet a future Doctor, even though Smith has confirmed another year in the role.

The big question of course is that just another actor in a wig playing Colin Baker's Doctor seen in the picture above, or some wibbly wobbley timey wimey stuff?

Here is a trailer for tonights episode

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