Sunday, 26 May 2013

90's Flashback: The Temp (1993)

Fresh out of Twin Peaks, Lara Flynn Boyle the object of many a teen's desire, grew up a bit to become the object of mens desire. Playing Kris, the temp in question, she lands herself a job she simply does not want to let go of. In order to keep her job she decides the best option is to turn to murder. Things that were once harmless get much nastier rather quickly.

The Temp is a little bit sexy, but it's also pretty brutal, in its descriptiveness that is. The Temp never really took off on release, it sneaked onto television very quickly, and to many (bear in mind this was pre-HBO) it was nothing more than a TV movie with a bit of gusto. This is probably not helped by its casting which included Dwight Schultz best known as Howling-Mad Murdoch from The A-Team, a then little known Oliver Platt, Timothy Hutton, Steven Weber and Faye Dunaway.

I do have a little passion for The Temp, for its day it was a fairly daring look at mental illness and dodgy working relationships. Hutton plays a leading role, and wobbles on occasions for Kris' affections. While many may have issue with the story, the relationship between the two leads is a rather compelling vision. 

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