Friday, 31 May 2013

80's Flashback: Strange Behaviour AKA Dead Kids (1981)

Where do you start with Dead Kids? It's a creepy, ulra-violent, incredibly screwed up film, that will certainly not be one to forget. Set in Illinois, but filmed in New Zealand of all places, Dead Kids cast and crew for the most part were shipped out from the States. The reason for filming down-under seems to have no rhyme or reason, and any cost savings must have been lost in the numerous transportations. Especially when you consider that the movie was originally meant to be shot in Australia (some Australian scenes remain in the film).

Back on track Dead Kids is one of my favourite horror movies. For a movie of it's age it was well ahead of its time, while in other ways it's a little dated.

It starts with a phenomenal score by Tangerine Dream, before moving into a most bizarre dance rendition to Lou Christie's Lightening Strikes.

In the mix you have our hero pissing blood, a demonic nurse, various dismemberments and a killer wearing a mask of Ed Woods friend Tor Johnson. 

The cast is fairly impressive and includes Louise Fletcher, Fiona Lewis, Michael Murphy and Marc McClure. 

Dead Kids is one of those films that is so striking that once you have seen it you will never, ever forget it.

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