Monday, 6 May 2013

80's Flashback: Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

In the mid 80's, Back To The Future was the big time travel movie, but at around the same time Francis Ford Coppola had embarked on a very similar story. In Peggy Sue Got Married the main character becomes a woman, is transported back to the same era, and finds a way to change her life in the present.

Kathleen Turner stars as Peggy Sue, a woman downtrodden by her husband in 80's life, a heart murmor    allows her a second chance, and before she knows it she is back in the 1950's. With the benefit of hindsight Peggy Sue gets the opportunity to change many relationships, while at the same time getting to rekindle some relationships with some long dead.

While at the time many of the cast were virtual unknowns, now it's like a who's who of A listers. Nicholas Cage, Jim Carey, Joan Allen, and Sophia Coppola all play key roles in the story.

Peggy Sue Got Married never pulled off the same success of Back To The Future, in some ways it does come off like a TV movie, but in others the delivery is bang on, the story a little more edgy. It's pretty much near forgotten the best part of three decades on, but it's charm will get you, if of course you give it the time of day.

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