Sunday, 26 May 2013

80's Flashback: No Mercy (1986)

In the 1980's there were a series of movies that got somewhere because they had something unusual going for them. One such movie was The Exterminator 2 (Don't worry i've not gone mad), the film had a distinct feel, it should have to be honest just disappeared but because it had a gritty feel and a flamethrower it developed somewhat of a cult status.

No Mercy from 1986 looks as cheap as Exterminator 2, it's a fairly low end looking production, grittily shot, with some fairly cheap settings. Yet like Exterminator 2 it kind of works, it's not achieved cult status in any sense, but its blurry cutting edge feel does grow on you.

Richard Gere plays a cop that goes on the run with a crime-lords woman played by Kim Basinger. She is his prisoner, the bait if you will, someone that Gere's character Jillette must take with him through the Bayou into the city for a final showdown with the movies villain played by Jeroen Krabbe.

Between the violence, and the cheap settings does come a very competent and endearing love story, a whole Bible sized back story, and a charm you simply could never achieve now days.

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