Wednesday, 29 May 2013

80's Flashback: Ninja The Protector (1986)

When it comes to martial arts movies you have to go a long way to get a movie quite like Ninja The Protector. From director Godfrey Ho comes a bizarre tale of Ninja's, currency creation, and soft porn.

Until 2000 Godfrey Ho worked frantically editing various movies together to create new movies, this is exactly what happened with Ninja The Protector. For some reason, which I as a reviewer can see but not quite explain this movie's awfulness makes it a complete winner.

The two stories merged together one circles around the Hong Kong police investigation money laundering, the money launderers just happen to be ninja's, the second story is about a modelling agency. Ho merges the stories (from two different films) together, and creates the links by showing photographs of the characters from other portions of the film, to make it look like one movie. As a result you have ridiculous dialogue as characters casually talk about others being killed with little response, and even more stupid nicknames given to those characters.

If you are familiar with martial arts movies this one will certainly give you a bit of a shock, the mythical Ninja's even have strange supernatural powers.

It's a thing of beauty, it's so bad it's good. Not to mention the addition of a Ninja sword-fight on motorbikes.

The cast includes Richard Harrison as our leading white Ninja, and a splattering of shots featuring Jackie Chan, however look hard or you will miss him.

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