Sunday, 26 May 2013

80's Flashback: Deadly Pursuit (1988)

Back in 1988 Touchstone Pictures (a wing of Disney designed for the older viewer) was still pretty much in its infancy. Since formation Touchstone had tackled adult topics, but had for most of the time handled whimsical comedy. Deadly Pursuit however was very different, it was adult in its violent nature, and at stages almost slipped into the realms of horror.

The movie begins in the city, with a jeweller robbing his own shop. This is no insurance job however, this is an attempt to get money or help. The jewellers wife is captured and later brutally murdered. What follows is a cross between cop thriller, Grizzly Addams and First Blood, as  stars Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger chase killer Clancy Brown across every form of terrain, every form of weather.

The movie would pretty much have vanished into obscurity had it not been for the casting of Poitier, a stunt Touchstone had previously pulled bringing Richard Dreyfuss and Bette Midler back to the screen.

There is a really loving feel for Deadly Pursuit from my standpoint, the first time I saw it was on the day I was knocked over by a car, and struggled to stay awake for the whole day, yet Deadly Pursuit kept me very, very conscious.

Kirsty Alley also stars as a sexy love interest, but the biggest accolade must go to Clancy Brown who plays a particularly ruthless killer.

Deadly Pursuit went under the title Shoot To Kill in the US, in the UK censors found the title Shoot To Kill too final.

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