Saturday, 13 April 2013

When Music Makes A Movie - Strong As I Am - Prime Movers - From Manhunter

To say that Prime Movers song Strong As I Am made the movie Manhunter is a slight injustice to the other performing artists in the film. Manhunter is chocked full of amazing musical moments. However it must be said that Strong As I am is mind-blowing, a piece of classic electro-pop from the 80's that still sounds good three decades later.

Felling betrayed Francis (AKA The Tooth Fairy) moves into action, Prime Movers track accompanies the hair raising scenes, as what you though you believed starts to unravel.

For those that have never seen Manhunter, it was the first time the cinema became acquainted with a notorious serial killer known as Hannibal Lecter.

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