Sunday, 28 April 2013

Video Nasties: Cannibal Man (1973)

Back in the 1980's when the British movie censors went absolutely bonkers, banning, or at least editing pretty much every movie they could get their hands on, one movie ended up on the Video Nasty last that really should not have. 

Cannibal Man ended up on the list simply because it bore the word cannibal in its title, or this is the rumour at least. Yes people die, yes there is blood, but unlike many other movies on the list there is nothing here really to offend the majority of people.

It all begins with a misunderstanding in a taxi, a secret is kept, but for some its a little hard to to keep secret. The events that surround Marcos get more and more out of hand, as a large selection of bodies sit in his bedroom.

Hidden in the horror is a love story, a forbidden love set against a post General Franco Spain. Cannibal Man is a beautiful movie in so many ways, a thoughtful story, a strange repressed environment that will seem alien to many now.

Cannibal Man starts as one thing and ends in a far different territory to the one you may be expecting to find in such a movie.

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