Friday, 26 April 2013

Summer Of Cinema - Somerset House

On Tuesday night, a group of movie reviewers/bloggers were invited to Somerset House on behalf of the FDA. As usual the night was hosted by Alex Zane, spinning lines like they roll of the tongue. The weirdness of some of the guests as ever provided much entertainment for Zane.

The reason for the night was to look at the next 6 months of movies taking us up to October. There were few surprises in fairness, the usual mix of massive blockbusters and a scattering of indie-pics.

Below is a shot of our little group from the evening.

Our friend Naomi from The Rabbit was rather reluctantly asked to do an introduction to the Summer Of Film trailer, you can see her effort below, and my doesn't she look terrified. The Summer Of Film trailer follows, to give you an idea of the cinematic marvels coming your way this season.

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