Friday, 19 April 2013

Hemlock Grove Hits Netflix But Will It Be Hit Or Miss?

Fresh from the success of House Of Cards, Netflix has invested in another series. Hemlock Grove is a twisted, disturbing, and eccentric gothic horror tale set in a small Pennsylvania community.

The television is littered with fantasy dramas, but it certainly has been missing out quite majorly when it comes to weird television. Hemlock Grove is by far the weirdest television offering since Twin Peaks. Rather like an onion you need to peel away at the many layers to get to the best parts.

The story surrounds four teenagers, who become embroiled in a mystery but who might also be at the very part of it. Chuck in the odd werewolf, giant freaky one eyed sister, a dismembering killer, a sinister doctor (with very big gloves), and a heavily incestuous community.

Rather like House Of Cards, Netflix has released all thirteen episodes of Hemlock Grove at once, all of which are available to Netflix's subscribers as part of their package. Netflix have grabbed hold of the fact that viewers prefer to watch giant chunks of TV's shows pretty much all at once, rather than over 13 weeks as it allows for falling numbers even if the shows generate fans. Hemlock Grove is very much the sort of show that needs this approach, this is not a show for everyone, and certainly not a show that is an easy watch. In order to appreciate this show, you need to sink into it, the pace for many will be incredibly slow. This being said there are enough twists and small surprises to keep you entertained, somethings always happening but it is all very much a tale in riddles.

Hemlock Grove's big draw, is that it has a high profile Hollywood name attached. Eli Roth took time out just prior to shooting The Green Inferno (a homage to Cannibal Holocaust) to direct episode one, as well as work as an executive producer. Casting includes Dougray Scott, Famke Janssen, Lilli Taylor, Bill Skarsgard and Emilia McCarthy.

Hemlock Grove has been criticised pretty much on the whole by reviewers who were given the opportunity to see episode one some weeks ago, but you need to judge this beast for yourself, and ultimately take in more than one episode to give it a fair assessment, and once you get past two episodes, you will be hooked.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, regardless of your geographical location you can watch all 13 episodes of Hemlock Grove from today.

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