Saturday, 13 April 2013

90's Flashback: Great Expectations (1998)

Charles Dickens has never been known for being a sexy author, that was until 1998. For the (then) latest adaptation of Great Expectations the story was bought bang up to date, and literally rocking with all levels of sexiness.

When it comes to romantic movies Great Expectations is by far one of my favourites, Gwyneth Paltrow sizzles with volcanic eroticism. Ethan Hawke throws everything into the film, going from nerdy artist, to the man everybody wants to be. And then their is Robert De Niro, who gives his best performance since Goodfellas. This is a movie that has it all, it delivers on every level, and has an ending that could drive even the toughest man to shed a tear.

Artist Finn (Hawke) as a child falls for the beautiful Estella, it's a game of cat and mouse that goes on for a decade and at the moment his dreams come true, they are torn apart. Finn sets his target on becoming successful and getting the girl of his dreams back.

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