Saturday, 6 April 2013

90's Flashback: Cabin Boy (1994)

Hated by as many as it is loved, Cabin Boy is a quirky tale of an obnoxious "Fancy Lad" who having finished his studies, sets of to Hawaii to join his father's hotel empire. Nathaniel's (Chris Elliot) obnoxious manner lands him in the wrong place, and on the wrong boat forced into the life of a cabin boy.

It's utter nonsense on the whole, it's a slapstick comedy mixed with a touch of Jason & The Argonauts. With a real life figurehead (Ricki Lake), a demented monkey salesman (David Letterman), a multi-armed god (Ann Magnuson) and a homo-sexual half man have shark hybrid (Russ Tamblyn).

It's the ridiculousness of the movie that makes it so endearing, you really do wish the very worst upon the utterly hateful Nathaniel. It's certainly not a movie for everyone, but as far as whimsical throw away movies go, you cant gamble much better than this.

Received so poorly in the US, the movie has seldom been seen in the UK, and has never been available on DVD here. A trailer for the movie was never even made. Despite it's haters, Cabin Boy has a massive cult following.

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