Saturday, 6 April 2013

80's Flashback: Weird Science (1985)

She's Alive! Alive! Today's 80's flashback is the John Hughes classic Weird Science, a movie that reached out to the global community of geeks and showed them that they too could be somebody, but minus the conjured up human Barbie doll.

Two teen nerds Gary & Wyatt sick of being bullied, wedgied and pantsed at school dream of being that little bit more. At a sleep over the two concoct a plan to create the woman of their dreams, with the aid of a Barbie doll. With the woman of their dreams at their fingertips played by Kelly LeBrock, they start to live the wild life, and newly created Lisa helps them to achieve their dreams, even when a group of bikers straight out of The Hills Have Eyes turn up.

Weird Science is one of the classic 80's features that seems to have disappeared from the minds of today's audience. It like so many of John Hughes movies was an inspiration to a whole generation. The movie was filled with sexual reference, and as a result appealed to every teenager of the day.

The movie was filled with stars of the day, and future stars Robert Downey Jr., Bill Paxton, Michael Berryman and Vernon Wells all bought energy to the piece.

But much as she did the year prior with The Woman In Red, it was LeBrock that was the real attraction, the combination of her stunning beauty, and British accent was a magnet for the male audience.

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