Tuesday, 9 April 2013

80's Flashback: Streets Of Fire

It's probably one of the odder movies of the 80's, and certainly something very different for director Walter Hill. A rock star called Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) is kidnapped while performing on stage by a biker gang. Old love Tom Cody (Michael Pare) is called in by his sister to try and get her back, Tom assembles a ragtag group of individuals to aid him in his quest, including music agent Billy Fish (Rick Moranis).

It's a weird movie because while being a revenge thriller, it's also a rock musical, with musical numbers from Stevie Nicks and Ry Cooder to name but two. It's a love story with an edge, a musical with a difference. But most importantly it's a pretty entertaining movie.

The film was shot entirely in studio's with no outdoor scenes at all, designed to help give it that stage musical feel. Other stars included Willem Dafoe, Bill Paxton, Rick Rossovich, Amy Madigan and Elizabeth Daily.

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