Wednesday, 10 April 2013

80's Flashback: Inseminoid (1981)

Early in 2012 anyone who had the slightest bit of science fiction horror knowledge would have felt a strange shudder of deja vu when they saw the trailer for Prometheus. The original trailer showed the movies star laid on a operation table screaming "Please". Two movies will have come to mind, obviously Alien and a potential repetition of the John Hurt scenario, or those a little ore "cultured" might have immediately thought of Inseminoid.

The product of obscure director Norman J. Warren Inseminoid follows intergalactic archeologists, one of whom has a run in with an alien that makes her pregnant. What follows is a fairly gritty planet bound rejig of Alien, with a nasty terror and a heavily influenced deranged woman stalking and killing the rest of the planets occupants. The cast included Judy Geeson, Stephanie Beacham, and Victoria Tennant.

While many laugh at the corniness of it, other shudder and the brutality and horror once you see past some of the effects.

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