Tuesday, 9 April 2013

80's Flashback: American Flyers (1985)

One of the best forgotten movies of the 80's is American Flyers. Kevin Costner and David Marshall Grant play brothers who have an addiction to cycling. They also live in the fear of a terrible hereditary illness, when older brother Marcus a doctor calls David to his work for tests, it's time to break some unpleasant news, but first the two decide to run a gruelling cycle race. The race gives the couple and their respective girlfriends the opportunity to bond, but fate throws a cruel hand on events.

American Flyers has it all, romance, drama, sports action, and a twist that will make even the toughest get a slightly watery eye.

Back in 1985 interestingly it was Grant who was the star, with Costner a virtual unknown. Within a year of the movie being released, Grant had vanished into obscurity and Costner had catapulted to the A-List.

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