Saturday, 13 April 2013

70's Flashback - Theatre Of Blood (1973)

Actor Edward Lionheart took criticism far too badly, some years ago he threw himself out a window into the river thames. Believing he was dead, the critics who mocked him continue their careers. That is until years later when Lionheart makes an unexpected return, slowly killing each and every critic who took offence at his art.

Theatre Of Blood is one of those classic horror movies from the 70's a synergy of both horror and comedy, the movie brings together some of the greatest comedy actors of the day, and stars of horror. Vincent Price leads the way, but Arthur Lowe, Eric Sykes, Diana Rigg and Diana Dors all come along for the ride.

For me, it was one of the first horror movies I clearly remember from my childhood, it was funny, and incredibly scary for a five year old who in all truthfulness should not have been up watching horror movies on BBC2 late at night, but my family were fairly ok with me seeing this sort of stuff. A man ripped across cobbles by horses, and another forced to eat his own poodles are highlights of the movie.

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