Sunday, 7 April 2013

70's Flashback: The Medusa Touch (1978)

Hot on the tails of The Omen came The Medusa Touch, John Morlar (Richard Burton) is a hateful loathing individual. When he sets his mind to something he can achieve anything, even if that anything happens to be destroying a space mission, killing his parents, or flying a plane into a tower block. Foreign exchange detective Brunel (Lino Ventura) is in London and is handed the case, with the aid of Doctor Zonfield (Lee Remick), Morlars psychiatrist he must solve a mystery in order to prevent a disaster on an unprecedented scale.

In some ways The Medusa Touch is a more horrific movie than the Omen, in the Omen Damien kills for purpose, in The Medusa Touch Morlar kills for the sake of killing, for his amusement almost. The frequency of death, and intensity of death increases dramatically as the movie progresses.

For me, the movie holds a real personal memory, sitting up with my Mother and Father watching the film from a fairly young age, although I watched it just once until I reached adulthood, every killing, every twist and turn stayed with me. It also stayed with me because it's final moments are so gripping, and because the end in some respect feels like it should be the beginning.

The below trailer is a fan built trailer, as there is no official trailer or TV spot for the movie.

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