Sunday, 28 April 2013

70's Flashback: The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Few movies of the 70's managed to achieve the cross-genre feat, one that did however was The Boys From Brazil. Set during the 1970's Barry (Steve Guttenberg) stumbles by accident upon a nazi uprising in South America. Reporting his news to Nazi hunter Ezra (Laurence Olivier), he falls foul of the uprising, leading Ezra to investigate his disappearance, and the terrible news that Joseph Mengele (Gregory Peck) is still alive.

Starting as a conspiracy theory/war movie things so get a little bit more disturbing, with a horrendous dog attack, a series of murders, and a terrible cloning program. Few movies have the power of The Boys From Brazil, it's starts of fast paced, slows down a gear, then gets frighteningly disturbing as the movie moves into it's final segment.

Gregory Peck is mesmerising, Laurence Olivier amusing; both create the right level of magic to prevent the film from slipping into B-movie horror territory, the story at times difficult to take seriously. So much about this movie should put it on the "wrong" path, but it's that bad stuff that makes it so right.

Once seen never, ever forgotten, The Boys From Brazil is a true classic.

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