Friday, 12 April 2013

2 Days In New York (2012)

2 Day’s In New York is a sequel of sorts to the 2007 comedy 2 Days In Paris. Picking up the story with Marion (Julie Delpy) the years have passed and she now has a family of her own with new partner Mingus (Chris Rock). Their lives are fairly normal until Marion’s family come to spend a few days, then abusive language, drug taking, sexual behavior, and the weirdness of the older generation find their way into the very heart of Marion and Mingus’ relationship.

While not as hysterically funny as 2 Days In Paris, this sequel is a fairly good movie and a fairly competent stand alone movie that does not require the viewer to have any previous knowledge of Marion’s story. The big difference is that this feature is far more obvious, compared to its predecessors refined more subtle approach.

Like it’s predecessor the French language is used frequently and into this “alien’ language comes the same series of confusing misunderstandings that made the original such a success. 

The movies big weakness and its rather an unfair one, is that Chris Rock as an actor or a character simply does not ring quite true in the movie. Rock’s performance is absolutely fine, but it all just feels a little too unlikely. The repertoire between Rock and Delpy is simply not as enjoyable as that of Adam Goldberg and Delpy. The disgust that Goldberg felt at a number of situations, simply does not have the same effect when replicated to put on another performer.

Criticisms aside, 2 Days In New York is a really enjoyable movie, Delpy again delivers a solid French “Woody Allen” style performance. While the movies scenarios are pretty enjoyable, especially once a lie about a fatal illness comes into full effect. 

Watch the trailer and purchase the movie from Amazon by clicking the links below. you can also purchase the original movie 2 Days In Paris.

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