Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Raindance Are Making A Movie!

Those crazy, crazy guys at Raindance are making a movie! Not content with bringing the worlds best movie festival, being an amazing film school that puts newcomers to filmmaking on the fast-track to making stellar movies, but now they are putting their money (or yours) where their mouths are and making a movie.

Love.Honour.Obey is a very new, very different home invasion movie, with highly acclaimed director Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred, Miami Vice) at the helm, and Raindance founder the delightful Elliot Grove as Executive Producer.

It's only sensible for Grove to stand up and be counted so to speak, for twenty-one years Grove has ran the highly successful Raindance Film Festival from London's West End, introducing a string of independent movies to an audience that might never see such movies otherwise. Raindance has not just bought the world some amazing movies, it's school based just next to Charring Cross Station has been delivering high calibre directors onto the movie scene, some of whom are now the most respected, and highest paid directors on the planet.

Raindance is all about the participation, from it's festivals, it's teaching, to it's movies, and they want people to put their hands in their pockets to deliver a low budget quality movie. They want to raise just £10,000 to put Love.Honour.Obey into motion. Raindance has the connections, the platform, and the ability to cut a good deal. So if you want to get involved in making a movie, and maybe have a few pounds to spare, get yourselves over to their crowd funding page by clicking here!

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