Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Planes, Trains This Aint! - Identity Thief Review (2013)

The road movie has been a popular movie genre almost since the birth of the cinema. The variation and methods have always changed, but the idea has been the same. Identity Theft is the latest in a long line of road movies, but does it bring anything new?

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) receives a call one day from an identity theft prevention service, telling him they have saved his identity from theft, the caller actually extracts all of his personal details and steals his identity. Miles away in Florida Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is living the high life using Sandy’s name. For Diana all goes well, until the police catch up with the real Sandy for a series of offences he has allegedly committed in Florida. So released but on limited time Sandy heads for Florida to collect Diana and bring her back to Denver.

Identity Theft is not the laugh riot it puts itself out there as being it certainly has some laughs, but for the most part it’s fairly average. This is compounded by the fact that if the movie is comparable to any, it bares a striking resemblance to Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Unlike the aforementioned movie it just does not go anywhere near far enough to push your buttons. The comedy needs to be more gross out to take it into any realms of exclusivity.  The humour is there; it’s just not as forthcoming as it should be. Please don’t get me wrong, Identity Thief is an ok movie, and all the characters are perfectly likeable, but it’s not going anywhere near being what it professes to be, and that’s its greatest weakness, all the laughs are in the trailer.

It does have one other fault, it’s just far too long at a little under two hours, it barely has enough to keep things spinning for an hour let alone two. The writers go out of their way to chuck in side characters including criminals and bounty hunters, but it just can’t keep it’s head out of the water.

Identity Thief is in UK cinemas from this Friday.

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