Saturday, 9 March 2013

Horrifically Bad - Megan Is Missing Reviewed

There have been an awful lot of incredibly powerful docu-dramas of recent years, some of which are based on fact, others have their feet in fact, but are delivered into the world of fiction. Megan Is Missing falls into the latter category, it’s also horrendous!

The story behind Megan is missing revolves around two young teenage girls who fall foul of an online predator. Opening with the girls having slight “blips” in their social life, the story shows the girls becoming connected to an online figure at their low points. Shortly after striking up an online friendship with the individual Megan goes missing, then the individual turns his attentions on friend Amy.

Megan Is Missing goes wrong from the very minute the movie comes to life, although life might not be the most appropriate word to use. The actors are a little over the top and frankly irritating from the offset. The mix of encounters, use of hand held footage, and supporting characters add no value to the final product. The swooping predator does little to entice these girls, yet in their own ways they fall for him, the message would have been far better served if he had used tried and tested methods in online grooming and seduction in order to illustrate to the audience the horrific dangers involved in online predators.

The biggest crime of the feature is committed in the final 20 odd minutes, as the build up to the “shocking” climax is played out, it’s drawn out in order to create suspense, but what it actually does is annoys more than terrifies.

With so many similar offerings out there Megan Is Missing really should have tried harder, it’s fairly low end and it uses cheap tricks to titillate the viewer, you cannot help but wonder if the movie is a statement for online dangers, or a cheap thrill for an internet pervert. From its trash dialogue, it’s creepy little underwear scenes, through to the frankly un-emotional rape scene Megan Is Missing is an utter disaster that should be avoided should the opportunity present itself. 

Should you not wish to heed my warning, you can buy the diabolically awful Megan Is Missing from Amazon by clicking the link below. 

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