Saturday, 9 March 2013

Home Warfare - Red Dawn Remake Reviewed

Life often imitates art, and in the week that North Korea vows that if the United States continues to issue sanctions, the UK readies itself for the cinema release of Red Dawn. In 1984 Red Dawn looked at the America’s considered enemy, Russia. But almost three decades later America has a new foe, so this modern remake takes a shot at North Korea. 

Remakes are a funny thing, when it comes to this sort of movie, there is usually a point to the remake. Red Dawn while popular never really set the world on fire, neither will this very capable remake. Technological revolutions both in the stakes of what’s used in the movie and what ‘s used during and post production on a movie seem to play no hand in this movie either. The only difference, the only reason it seems to create this new movie, is to include a more contemporary cast and a brand new foe.

The 2012 vision of Red Dawn is a much better paced affair than the original; the action kicks off very quickly into the opening scenes, within twenty minutes you are right into the heart of the action and this is the way that the movie continues. 

Red Dawn’s young cast includes Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck and Connor Cruise (Son of Tom Cruise); sadly they do not pack the punch that the original did, meaning that the story became the pivotal point of the story the cast had little to give, this is very much a story led event.

Red Dawn is well paced, well performed, but still much as with its predecessor slightly lacking in something. It’s a considerably better effort than it’s predecessor and it’s release timing simply could not be better. The movie is well worth a watch, and keeps true to its origins (and in saying this I mean it’s story origin, it does not deviate from the issue at hand). Red Dawn is well worth a watch, it’s a goods piece of 80’s style action, with a killer blow for war movie fans.

Red Dawn is in UK cinemas from 15th of March. 

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