Saturday, 9 March 2013

90's Flashback - Dirty Weekend (1993)

Dirty Weekend is a curious movie from 1993, high on the controversial stakes it follows the story of Bella (Lia Williams) who has become a victim to a string of sexual predators. When one man pushes her one step too far she takes drastic steps acting as a one woman army against all men.

Dirty Weekend was originally declined a certificate in the UK, and then sneakily made it out on VHS in 1996. Controversy never ended there however, when the version that was released included a spitting scene that was not approved. While the movie is freely available on DVD now days, the spitting scene is still missing. The spitting scene involves Bella spitting a mouth of ejaculate onto the floor after being forced to give David McCallum a blow job.

Directed by the late Michael Winner, Dirty Weekend was strangely out of time, it felt and looks like something straight out of the early 80's. There is also much criticism of the performances, but to me this is part of the movies charm. I love the cheesiness of the movie, it's a real delight to watch, but certainly not a film to take too seriously.

Dirty Weekend had a star studded cast which included Rufus Sewell, Ian Richardson, Sean Pertwee and Sylvia Syms.

You can purchase Dirty Weekend by clicking the link below. 

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