Thursday, 14 February 2013

Will Francis Underwood Play The President? Speculation On House Of Cards Sequel

If you were fortunate enough to be a subscriber to Netflix, then no doubt you have been party to House Of Cards, the US remake of the classic BBC series from the 1990's.

As the series unravelled, Spacey's depiction of the corrupt politician was not anywhere near as harsh as his UK counterpart. As the series drew to a close, we only had one fatality and a lot of questions. It seems in many ways the series followed the BBC adaptation all accept one, the death count and Underwood's standing for the second series.

Yes reader, you will definitely see a second series of House Of Cards, the cash has already been paid, and this was prior to the episodes hitting Netflix in one lump sum. But the big question is what form the sequel will take.

In the UK version, the press girl that our beloved villain has manipulated was killed at the point that Urquhart (renamed Underwood in the US) rose to power as Prime Minister. In the US version, she was left alive, and Underwood rose to the title of Vice President. Because of formation of governments between the UK and US, you can understand the difference. But it does ask the question where does the series go from here?

From my "experience" i'd be prepared to hazard a guess that series two will introduce a wider cast, and that our newly appointed VP will be setting his eyes on the big seat of President. In the UK, Urquhart decided to take on the King of England, when their were differences of opinion with policy. It seems likely that the President will be Underwood's next victim. It also is fairly obvious that Netflix will need to pick up the pace a little to ensure that their is a third series. So it seems likely that the massacre of souls will occur in the conclusion of series 2 (to probably be screened late in 2013, or early 2014), with Underwood taking control as the most powerful man on the planet. If this is the case, there will then of course be the promise of war, which carried out in the thirds series in the UK.

Whatever the case House Of Cards made the transition to a US backdrop rather well, I think many fans of the story will have been disappointed by the lack of blood, especially as the poster to promote the series showed Spacey with blood dripping from his hands. The ante will certainly need to step up a gear to ensure survival, the question being, will it keep to the roots of the UK stories, or take a completely different turn?

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