Saturday, 16 February 2013

Video Nasties: New York Ripper (1982)

A killer that quacks like a duck, fingers (or toes) submissive women, and has a penchant for carving away with razor blades or forcing smashed bottles into orifices. Ladies and Gentleman this is Lucio Fulci's New York Ripper.

Back in it's day New York Ripper (not officially a video nasty) was escorted out of the UK under armed guard. Ironically in the 1990's the video released by Vipco for the European market was printed in the UK, but could not be sold here. Vipco retained the rights to the movie that was taken from them a decade earlier, and found a unique way of still managing to make a few quid out of it.

New York Ripper is not Lucio Fulci's strongest movie from his boomtime, but it's a fairly strong movie, that will cause even the most die hard horror fan to squint just a little.

The storyline is fairly ridiculous, but it certainly has something about it. The story does have a tendency to meander around, trying to cover too much all at once.  If you can see it on Blu-Ray it looks absolutely stunning.

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