Thursday, 14 February 2013

Four Romantic Movies Men Will Watch This Valentines Day

Yes women it's a difficult task to bring most men to watch a romantic movie, but romance can be shrouded in something that appeals to men. Here are three romantic movies you can fool your partner into watching this valentines day.

An Officer And A Gentleman

The ultimate all time romantic movie, and you might find it difficult to sneak this one by your beloved.

Heres the angle:-

"What's it about?" he asks.
"A dropout who joins the army and becomes a better man!" you reply.

An Officer And A Gentlemen is one of the few movies that really does balance the macho aspect men love, and the heady romance for the female audience. After a one night stand friends Zach (Richard Gere), and Sid (David Keith) lose their hearts to a couple of factory workers played by Debra Winger and the late Lisa Blount. While one is head of heels in love with her partner, the other is more facinated by his Army title. Against the backdrop of romance, Zach and Sid must train for war, and fight against the harsh Sgt. Foley (Louis Gossett Jr).

Lost In Translation

Here's the angle:-

"What's it about?" he asks.
"A big Hollywood actor who goes to Japan and discovers it's strange culture... It's got Bill Murray in it, oh and Scarlet Johansson" you reply.

Bob Harris (Murray) arrives in Japan, he just cannot get his head round anything, the culture annoys him, the people annoy him. This is until he finds a similarly displaced soul, Charlotte (Johansson) is thirty years younger than Bob, and married. But in this weird world, something clicks between the two of them. While both of them wrestle with their emotions for their partners, and their new found friendship steps up a gear, something wonderful happens in Japan.

The big pull for Lost In Translation is that it is a really innocent love story, but it's also incredibly funny. "Lip my stocking!" will stick in your head forever.


Here's the angle:-

"What's it about?" he asks.
"A loner who in trying to help a friend, goes up against the mob." you reply.

Beautiful people Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan play neighbours in an apartment block, he is a loner. She is left to look after her young son after her husband goes to prison. The two of them strike up a friendship, that soon looks likely to lead to ore, that is of course until her husband comes home. They say if you love someone you should be prepared to let them go, and our hero prepares to do this by helping her husband out, but when her husband is violently killed things take a dark turn. 

Drive's romance is there pretty much from the offset to the final scene, its again a very innocent story, and it does get fairly violent, but the love story shadows all other things here, most men just do not realise this. One thing everyone picks up on however its its scorching soundtrack

9 1/2 Weeks

Here's the angle:-

"What's it about?" he asks.
"Sex!" you reply.

It was once considered one of the most erotic movies ever made, now days it does seem rather tame. This 50 Shades Of Greyesque tale finds an art dealer called Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) encountering a big pocketed Wall Street broker in the form of John (Mickey Rourke). She sees love, he sees a submissive to dominate. But as he toughens her up, his heart starts to gets lost.

9 1/2 Weeks has lots of titillating, but tasteful sex, which is enough to hold any mans attention, and a compelling story of possession (as in property, nothing supernatural). It's beautifully shot, at times shocking, and features a classic 80's score.

You can buy any of the films I recommended above, by clicking the links through to Amazon below.

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