Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Canada's Next Cronenberg? Richard Powell's Familiar Reviewed

Once every blue moon a short movie comes along that blows you away. Fatal Pictures latest short Familiar, is most definitely one such movie. The story tells of a man whose nearing the end of his tether, struggling with the mundane existence that he has fallen into, he is literally wrestling with his inner demons.

Writer/director Richard Powell, and producer Zach Green have delivered a very anxious little movie that really builds in intensity as you watch it. It’s a feature so overpowering one would easily make a comparison between the content, and the 80’s output of David Cronenberg, but given a distinctly different feel.
As leading character John (Robert Nolan) wrestles with his inner thoughts, the viewer is pushed to the very edge of their seat. Anticipation is the biggest part of the horror here, as John’s inner wrangles ensue on screen, you cannot help but get a little tense as you really start to feel something incredibly unpleasant is about to happen.

Powell has not only delivered a really compelling script, he as clearly a great command over his production, Michael Jari Davidson cinematography gives this movie a really brushed feel. Everything that happens within the four corners of the camera is so perfectly captured. While every word that comes out of the characters mouths is clearly thought out, and well delivered by the three-handed cast.

Many short movies are short for a reason, but I cannot help but think that Familiar has legs to be something more. Its story almost commands more, you can clearly see the way Powell could stretch this out, and take it in varying horrific directions.

As yet nothing is in place to bring Familiar to UK shores, but with enough interest, word of mouth and excitement I’m sure it will get here sooner or later. Familiar is horrific, bloody and utterly addictive; it will leave you feeling dirty, and really get under your skin. 

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