Friday, 15 February 2013

80's Flashback: Airplane (1980)

In the 1970's cinema became obsessed with air transport, it seemed like every week a new movie, or TV drama would crop up in which a plane would crash, nearly crash, have terrorists on board, slip into the bermuda triangle, or crash and it's occupants turn to cannibalism or are gobbled by sharks. In an effort to get a "shoe-in" to the popular genre Jim Abrahams along with David and Jerry Zucker created Airplane.

Airplane was the first big spoof movie to make it, sure three years later the same team made a big splash with The Kentucky Fried Movie, but it's content was so cutting edge only the adults got to see it, Airplane was for everyone. Opening to the Jaws theme tune, and the plane tail fin replicating the look of the famous shark fin from the movie of the same name.

Airplane was a hysterical spoof, about a terrible case of food poisoning on an passenger jet. For many however it was one man who really made the film what it was, and that was the late great Steven Strucker who starred as Johnny, a character who works in aid traffic control but seems to do very little, other than come out with wacky one liners, and be as camp as he possibly can.

Move forward 33 years to 2013, and Airplane is not quite as funny as it used to seem, humour has moved on a lot. And the opening 20 minutes take a certain climatisation, once you get passed that point however the jokes seem to become more on target again.

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