Saturday, 16 February 2013

70's Flashback: Rabid (1977)

I first encountered Rabid around 1991, the movie was a big shock for me, quite a departure from the normal horror movies I was familiar with watching. It's Canadian setting gave it a real "innocent" feeling, an environment you really wanted to be in, yet the horror that occurs is something you'd want to position yourself a million miles from.

Making a rare departure from the porn industry, Marilyn Burn's place a woman who receives a revolutionary skin graft. The down side of the graft is that she becomes the prime carrier of a deadly rabies type illness, infecting everyone she encounters.

Directed by a fairly unknown (at the time) David Cronenberg, and with an executive producer in the form of Ivan Reitman, Rabid is a compelling, sexy, and ultimately depressing horror movie. It's beautifully shot, with some way out locations.

There are some lovely goofs too, one of which shows a cameraman clearly visible inside a car in the last portion of the movie.

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