Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Impossible (2012)

Nearly ten years ago the world was rocked by the terrible Tsunami that hit Thailand (among other areas) comes The Impossible. The tale of one family’s respective quests to find each other, after being separated by the terrible incident.

Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts head up the cast in this disaster tale, as parents Maria and Henry who along the journey become separated from each other and their three boys, the eldest of whom Lucas played by Tom Holland is the audience’s portal to this horrific world. 

The Impossible is a movie much talked about, in fact most have been expecting it since the incident in 2004, such a controversial topic is typically causing much heated discussion.

Orphanage director Juan Antonio Bayona takes the helm in a highly unenviable role of delivering a depiction of pure hell, while his disaster shots are incredibly powerful his handling of his cast, and the story is not so powerful. The story kicks off within minutes of the movie starting, and when we say story we mean the disaster itself. The flaw with this approach is that there is little character development, so when the punches hit (the emotional ones) everything comes off a little bit hollow.  When the emotional issues arise, they just fail to grab the viewer.

On the more positive side is the inclusion of Tom Holland, a young actor who essentially leads movie, and is the audience’s only real connection with any emotion. A key scene he shares with Watts towards the start, just after the Tsunami hits really shows the young actors power.

This is no doubt that The Impossible is a story that needed telling, but it just never quite hits the spot. It promises the power of movies like Empire Of The Sun (in the relationship the audience has with the young lead), but the delivery is just not up to it. Too many plotlines are not fully pursued; each pivotal point is just given a brief dalliance, and the atmosphere is completely lacking.

The Impossible is in cinemas now.

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