Sunday, 20 January 2013

Talhotblond (2009)

We are told of the dangers of the Internet all the time, but Barbara Schroeder’s 2009 documentary may very well be the lesson everyone needs to participate in before having any sort of relationship with someone they meet online.

The documentary tells the twisted story of Thomas Montgomery a late 40’s man who pretends to be 18-year-old marinesniper, in order to appeal to 18-year-old Jessie who goes by the screen name talhotblond. Into the mix comes Thomas’s co-worker Brian Barrett a 22-year-old who goes by the screen name of beefcake. The relationship between the three turns from flirty, to lustful, to vengeful, before ending in a terrible murder, and a horrifying revelation.

Talhotblond is one of those documentaries that really goes for the jugular, because most of us either know somebody who has had a less than honest relationship of sorts with someone online, or have ourselves engaged in similar activity. When you see this documentary it really makes you feel lucky, for the potential narrow escape you or your friends may have had.

The documentary is incredibly well paced; it shows the developing relationships, and the discussions almost in a real-time mode. As each and every revelation becomes exposed, I was amazed I’d not heard of this documentary prior, especially after the sensational smash hit Catfish a few years ago. While Catfish finishes with almost no real nasty punch, this has several horrific aspects.

Schroeder has delivered an incredible piece of work, and amazingly managed to get a vast array of people involved, including the perpetrator of the stories killing.

It’s a hard documentary to watch, especially when you realize that the killer seems to show little remorse for their actions, and the fact that one of the other parties collusion not only had catastrophic results, but had the potential to have created an even darker shadow, with the possibility of further loss of life.

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