Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Marty (Colin Farrell) is struggling to put his latest screenplay Seven Psychopaths together. His struggle with alcoholism, combined with his writer’s block is on everyone’s mind, specifically his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell). When Billy and his good friend Hans (Christopher Walken)  make the mistake of stealing mob boss Charlie (Woody Harrelson’s) dog as part of a petty scam, Charlie brings a fight to the door of Marty. As Marty meets several different psychopaths it seems that inspiration for his screenplay is closer to hand than he might have thought, the question is… Will he live long enough to write it?

Seven Psychopaths is the latest movie by In Bruges director Martin McDonaugh, and the similarities (which include the leading actor) are striking. It’s that same level of at times almost hysterically bad scenario, and general awkwardness of human nature that makes this movie a real winner.  

Not only has McDonaugh managed to again write and direct a killer story, in every sense of the word; he has managed to gather a fairly intriguing ensemble cast that also includes Harry Dean Stanton, Abbie Cornish, Tom Waits, and Kevin Corrigan, along with a rather key performance by Bonny (a Shih Tzu), who rather like In Bruges rather decrepit looking dog, makes for some of the best humour in the movie.

Performance wise the one to watch is Christopher Walken, who stars as an aging psychopath with a story to tell. Walken like a lot of other 80’s actors has taken a back burner in recent years, but this is a performance that really puts the actor back on top. Walken’s character Hans has a great attitude, and an absolutely bloody-minded nature that makes for the icing on a perfect cake.

Seven Psychopaths is looking very much like it is going to at least receive some Oscar nominations, and it’s incredibly well deserved, it’s a well rounded movie, with some incredible (granted at times predictable) writing, and magnificent performances. 

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