Saturday, 12 January 2013

Movies To Make Men Cry

Fancy a good cry?

It doesn't hurt once in a while. The trouble being, we are all different! Here however are a list of movies that over the passage of time are tried and tested movies to cause you to shed a tear. Some of them, might be quite unexpected.

Into The Wild

It's the true stories that have a tendency to get you by the throat, and the story of Christopher McCandless is a pretty sad one. Christopher had a dream, that dream was to go to Alaska and live off the wild, to experience a portion of time living the way we were meant to live, or at least that's what he thinks. You know it's coming a mile off, but the movies climax is quite upsetting.

The Elephant Man

John Merrick was a man born with a severe disability, he then had the misfortune of being displayed at carnivals as a freak. Doctor Frederick Treves takes in Merrick at his hospital, and creates a study on him. The two become good friends, and Merrick becomes embraced by London's most respected individuals. Sadly however the past catches up with Merrick, and his life of misery gets even worse.

Return Of The Jedi

Yes I know what you're thinking. But for many a teenage boy (and the odd girl), you'd need to be made of strong stuff not to feel the emotional roller-coaster of the climax to the original Star Wars trilogy. Having discovered the identity of his father, Luke Skywalker finds that his final battle will lead to tragedy.


Few action thrillers take quite the turn that Revenge does. This story of betrayal, love, and lust sees two friends reunited after several years. But this friendship is put to the test when one of the friends falls for the others wife. Separated by an act of violence, the lovers try to get back together again, but for one drug addiction, and a life of violence could be too much to endure as they wait.


Robert Gould Shaw is a well respected Colonel in the army during the American Civil War, with troop numbers diminishing he does the unthinkable, he takes black men (previously slaves) into battle, leading the only black regiment into war. He and his troops all undergo some radical testing in the training, but the battle they all prepared for is tragic to say the least. 

The Mist

Stephen King's novella was bought to life thanks to The Walking Dead's Frank Darabont. The movie provides a good combination of scares, and thrills as a group of towns people are trapped in a supermarket while the world outside falls apart. The movie itself is a interesting proposition, but it's end regardless of how predictable it might be still pulls at the heartstrings of most men.

Kramer Vs. Kramer

The fight for custody of their child takes one time happily married Ted and Joanna on a really dark path. Kramer Vs. Kramer takes an unusual stance, or at least it was in the day, by taking the sie of the man. As Ted gets to truly know his son, we see a touching bond that cannot be broken, or can it when the custody hearing goes to court?

Alien 3

While the movie is not exactly running with fans, few will dismiss the fact that it was the end of an era. Having fought off the alien threat twice before, this time it seems there is no escape for Ripley, she has an alien baby growing inside her. The end is really quite tragic. 


This unconventional story of two men drawn together by a mutual need is one of the funniest and most moving tales of recent years. A man from the wrong side of the tracks finds himself under the employment of a severely disabled man. This friendship takes both men in places they never expected, but all journeys come to an end, don't they?

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