Monday, 21 January 2013

Michael Winner Dies

Michael Winner the man behind movies such as Death Wish, Dirty Weekend, and The Sentinel has died aged 77. Winner was last year told that he was terminally ill and many media outlets had an already prepared obituary for the controversial director.

Winner confessed to looking into methods of suicide last year, but it is believed that he died as a result of his illness and not anything he had done himself.

Winner became an established director after the success of his movies The System and Hannibal Brooks. In 1974 he achieved controversial status after his Charles Bronsan movie Death Wish became the most talked about movie since The Exorcist. He returned for two more controversial Death Wish movies, and took on the supernatural shocker The Sentinel in 1977. But it was over a decade later in 1993 when his movie adaptation of Helen Zahavi's novel Dirty Weekend got him his greatest accolade... A banned movie!

Winner was never a man who took himself too seriously, I knew that people considered him and his work tacky, but that was after all what made him famous.

Winner's movies became very distinctive, slightly behind the times, but always splashed with stars of the day. The movie The Sentinel has one of the most acclaimed casts of his career.

Michael Winner talks about his movie, The Games!

Spencer Hawken
21st January 2013

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